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College Budget


College Budget is responsible for the annual college-wide budget development and management, budget transfer management, comprehensive financial plans and forecasts, budget schedules and reporting, capital funds and capital requisitions, financial trainings, and continuous assessment of college financial needs in order to provide financial strategic recommendations/reports to college administrators and meet the college goals and mission.

Guidelines & Procedures

 Budget System & Forms

Budget Development

Financial & Budget Committees

Financial Planning Advisory Committee Meeting  (FPAT)

Develop a five-year College revenue and expense projections model based on variable enrollment patterns (5 to 10 percent growth, flat enrollment, and 5 percent decline). This model will lead to the development of a DRAFT Five-Year College Financial Plan. Provide recommendations for: Methodologies to erase the College budget structural deficit; Guiding principles for the utilization of College reserve (carry forward) funds; Short term (2 – 4 years) strategies to address “bridge” funding (addressing gaps in actual operations and base budget with OYO and/or revenue funds); and Full transparency of College finances. - Meeting Minutes  - Committee Membership

Budget Development Steering Team (BDST)

This committee reviews college-wide budget requests and verifies that the requests are in alignment with the strategic plan, operational plans, and budget focus of the college; prioritizes and makes recommendations to the President regarding budget requests for Funds 1, 2, and 7, including minor remodeling and grounds projects.  Recommendations made to the President are also presented to the Strategic Planning Team and College Leadership Council as an information item - Meeting Minutes - Committee Membership