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Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic) - AAS

Major: 3065
Effective Term: 2008 Summer I Final Term: Current
Award: AAS
Total Credits: 60.5

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic) is designed to provide advanced techniques of emergency care, stabilization, and immobilization of victims of illness and injury. The techniques of emergency care include but are not limited to assessment, detailed physical examination, recognition and documentation of signs and symptoms of illness and injury, critical thinking and diagnosis intervention, and the evaluation of the interventions. The techniques of assessment include but are not limited to electrocardiograph rhythm identification, administration of oxygen, defibrillation, synchronized cardioversion, transcutaneous pacing, and advanced airway techniques. The techniques for immobilization of the victim include but are not limited to the use of specific immobilization devices, peripheral intraosseous and central intravenous techniques, and preparation and care during transportation. A Certificate of Completion (CCL) is also available.

Program Notes:

Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses required within the program.

Admission Criteria:

Prior to being considered for and accepted into the program, students may be required to complete specified exams with the EMT/FSC department. Students should seek department advisement on completing program prerequisites prior to acceptance into the program.

Program Prerequisites
EMT/FSC104Emergency Medical Technology9
CRE101Critical and Evaluative Reading I (3) OR
CRE111Critical Reading for Business and Industry (3) OR
Equivalent as indicated by assessment 3
Required Courses
EMT235Emergency Cardiac Care3
EMT236Pharmacology in an Emergency Setting3
EMT272AAAdvanced Emergency Medical Technology (12.5) AND
EMT272ABAdvanced Emergency Medical Technology (12.5) 255
EMT272LLAdvanced Emergency Medical Technology Practicum 7.55
General Education
General Education RequirementCredits 22
General Education CoreCredits 12
First-Year CompositionCredits 6
Any approved general education courses in the First-Year Composition area.
Oral CommunicationCredits 3
COM100Introduction to Human Communication
MathematicsCredits 3
Any approved general education course in the Mathematics area.
General Education DistributionCredits 10
Humanities and Fine ArtsCredits 3
Any approved general education course in the Humanities and Fine Arts area.
Social and Behavioral SciencesCredits 3
Any approved general education course in the Social and Behavioral Sciences area.
Natural SciencesCredits 4
BIO160Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology

Program Competencies

  1. Identify and treat emergencies related to basic electrocardiograph (ECG) arrhythmias according to the American Heart Association standards and guidelines and local protocol. (EMT235)
  2. Perform the procedures unique to pediatric and neonatal transport. (EMT235, EMT272AA, EMT272AB, EMT272LL)
  3. Identify and treat cardiovascular emergencies including (ECG) electrocardiographic interpretation. (EMT235, EMT272AA, EMT272AB, EMT272LL)
  4. Describe the actions, indications, contraindications, precautions, side effects and dosages of the drugs included in the current Arizona Department of Health Services approved Paramedic drug box. (EMT236)
  5. Apply the procedures of identifying and treating shock, including IV fluid therapy and use of MAST (medical anti-shock trouser) suit. (EMT236, EMT272AA, EMT272AB, EMT272LL)
  6. Identify and treat behavioral emergencies. (EMT236, EMT272AA, EMT272AB, EMT272LL)
  7. Identify and treat medical emergencies including diabetic, environmental, toxicological, and genitourinary emergencies. (EMT236, EMT272AA, EMT272AB, EMT272LL)
  8. Administer parenteral medications. (EMT236, EMT272AA, EMT272AB, EMT272LL)
  9. Identify and treat central nervous system emergencies. (EMT272AA, EMT272AB, EMT272LL)
  10. Identify and treat musculoskeletal emergencies. (EMT272AA, EMT272AB, EMT272LL)
  11. Identify and treat obstetric and gynecological emergencies. (EMT272AA, EMT272AB, EMT272LL)
  12. Identify and treat soft tissue injuries. (EMT272AA, EMT272AB, EMT272LL)
  13. Perform a Primary and Secondary Survey including medical history. (EMT245, EMT272AA, EMT272AB, EMT272LL)
  14. Describe the role and responsibilities of the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (Paramedic). (EMT272AA, EMT272AB, EMT272LL)
  15. Identify and treat respiratory emergencies. (EMT272AA, EMT272AB, EMT272LL)

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