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Women's Studies - AC

Major: 6225
Effective Term: 2009 Spring Final Term: Current
Award: AC
Total Credits: 15

The Academic Certificate (AC) in Women's Studies is an intensive interdisciplinary liberal arts certificate program, provides students with tools and opportunities to discuss and critique historical and contemporary theories and practices of feminism(s). The curriculum enables students to write well, think critically and analyze problems effectively. Students complete a variety of courses focusing on women’s experiences and perspectives, exploring topics such as history, culture, class, race, ethnicity, sexuality and gender in order to help bring about equality, understanding, and peace. These courses are culturally responsive to the diversity of one half of the world's people, their work, and their impact on multicultural societies.

Admission Criteria: None
Program Prerequisites: None
Required Courses
WST100Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
Restricted Electives
ASB211Women in Other Cultures3
ENH/WST28419th Century Women Writers3
ENH/WST285Contemporary Women Writers3
HIS201History of Women in America3
HLR/WST286Women and Health: Body/Mind/Spirit/Connection3
HUM/WST209Women and Films3
PSY235Psychology of Gender Differences3
PSY258Domestic Problems and Crises3
REL/WST290Women and Religion3
SOC212Gender and Society3
WST105Women of Color in America3
WST110Women and Gender: A Feminist Psychology3
WST120Gender, Class, and Race3
AJS/WST128Law and Violence Against Women3
WST160Women and Early American Experience3
WST161American Women Since 19203
WST200Essential Feminist Writing3
AIS/ENH/WST261Native Women’s Literature: The Americas3

Program Competencies

  1. Identify and explain historical and contemporary issues that have affected women’s lives in the areas of family, work, health, and social status, and apply sociological and feminist perspectives to the analysis of these issues. (WST100)

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