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Computer Information Technology - CCL

Major: 5865
Effective Term: 2010 Fall Final Term: Current
Award: CCL
Total Credits: 23

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Computer Information Technology is designed to prepare students for various entry-level positions in computer systems. Career opportunities include Network Administrator, Computer Programmer, Computer Operator, Web Publisher, Help Desk Technician, Database Administrator and Systems Analyst.

Program Notes:

++ indicates any module/suffixed courses.

Admission Criteria:


Program Prerequisites
ENG101First Year Composition (3) OR
ENG107First Year Composition for ESL (3) OR Permission of Department or Division. 3
Required Courses
ACC111Accounting Principles I 3
BPC125Microcomputer Set Up and Maintenance 1
CIS117DMMicrosoft Access: Database Management 3
CIS121AEWindows Operating System: Level I 1
CIS105Survey of Computer Information Systems 3
CIS150++Any Module 3
CIS190Introduction to Local Area Networks (3) OR
MST140Microsoft Networking Essentials (3) 3
CIS224Project Management MS Project for Windows 3
GBS233Business Communication 3

Program Competencies

  1. Identify and describe the fundamental principles and practices of financial accounting. (ACC111)
  2. Install, troubleshoot, and maintain a microcomputer system. (BPC125)
  3. Apply computer concepts, microcomputer applications and programming techniques. (CIS105)
  4. Create, edit, print, and save spreadsheets and databases. (CIS105, CIS117DM)
  5. Identify, define, and use basic DOS and Windows 95 operating system commands. (CIS121AE)
  6. Describe issues as they relate to the Internet, including uses of, and methods used to regulate. (CIS105)
  7. Demonstrate structured program design. (CIS150++)
  8. Analyze problem descriptions and design programming solutions to the problems using common problem-solving techniques. (CIS150++, CIS224)
  9. Identify, define, and use local area networks, metropolitan area networks, and wide area networks. (CIS190 or MST140)
  10. Identify project management concepts and techniques. (CIS224)
  11. Create and analyze internal and external business communications, including verbal and nonverbal techniques. (GBS233)

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