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Diversity on Campus

PVCC Clubs:

Aware Club 
(Adults Who Are Returning to Education)
Donna Mosher (602) 787-6543

Native American Student Association

Dale Heuser (602) 787-7276 

Razas Unidas/M.E.Ch.A
Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán 
Ivette Quintero (602) 787-6717

Campus Events

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Student Life Center


Center for International Studies

Michele Marion



“Working in a diverse, multicultural environment challenges us to move beyond acceptance and respect to recognizing that we need to negotiate our relationships with others differently.  That all of us are coming from different experiences and perspectives so that in each encounter we need to observe the interaction as we engage in it, and modify our styles as they modify theirs to come to better understanding. 

The value of sharing school and work and our lives with diverse peoples allows us to keep looking through new eyes, to continue growing, to really model what Maricopa is about -- being lifelong learners -- about each other, ourselves and the world." 

 Rory Gilbert, Employee and Organizational Learning DSSC

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