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PVCC and Diversity


Our college has identified its core value, learning, along with nine supporting values.  PVCC’s core value resides at the center of our college vision and mission and serves as the ultimate measure of our actions and decisions.  The nine supporting values guide us as we work individually and collectively to realize our vision and accomplish our mission. 

Inclusiveness and Diversity is our number one supporting value:

We value inclusiveness and respect each other’s viewpoints and ideas. We value individual diversity and the uniqueness of the individual.  We acknowledge that diversity, in all its forms, enriches our learning environment.  PVCC promotes the free exchange of ideas and opinions and the fair and equitable treatment of all.


What can PVCC do to address the needs of the increasing number of ethnic minority students, other culturally diverse student groups and a changing student body forecasted for the future?

PVCC will see a significant increase in the number of ethnic minorities and other culturally diverse groups needing a college education.  For our diverse students to prosper personally and to participate in and contribute to the state’s economic well-being, their educational needs must be met.  In order to successfully meet the needs of all students, the diversification of faculty, staff, programs, curriculum and services is critical to PVCC’s future.

PVCC Mission Documents:

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