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The Early Childhood Education Program at PVCC
“Quality Education That Counts”

Match your educational goal to PVCC’s Early Childhood Education classes!

ADHS Licensing Requirement

Each credit at PVCC is worth 16 clock hours of training! You can help meet your annual training requirements and earn college credit.

Educational Requirements

Courses at PVCC can be used to meet various accreditation criteria for administrators, teachers, and teacher assistants.

Enhanced skills and employment performance

PVCC’s Early Childhood Education classes are taught by experienced instructors with advanced degrees and training.  Classes are designed to provide you with skills, knowledge, and techniques that you can use immediately in your work with children and families.

Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential

PVCC specializes in providing coursework and mentoring for the CDA credential.

Certificate of Completion

PVCC offers a 36 credit Certificate of Completion in Early Childhood Education. This is an excellent way to prove you have completed specialized coursework in Early Childhood Education.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS degree)

Add 3 more Early Childhood (ECH), Child and Family Studies (CFS), Infant/Toddler (ITD) or Education (EDU) credits to our Certificate of Completion in Early Childhood and 25 credits of specific general education studies and you can obtain an Associate’s of Applied Science degree.

Arizona Department of Education (ADE) Early Childhood Certificate and Endorsement

PVCC’s Early Childhood and Child and Family Studies classes can be used to meet the requirements of the state’s new Early Childhood (birth – 3rd grade) Certificate Option B or endorsement.

Transfer to University

PVCC’s AAS degree and many classes can be used in a transfer program to several of our local universities. Check with an advisor for specific information.

Contact Christie Colunga by e-mail at or by phone at
602-787-7731 for additional information.