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Why Should I Become a Personal Trainer?

Healthcare is a hot topic today. The obesity rate is still dramatically increasing. Healthcare costs are so high that even big businesses cannot afford to provide coverage for their employees. People are living longer lives, and senior care is expected to be in great demand. Exercise can help people in all of these situations! It helps improve the quality of life of all ages, helps prevent many diseases, and even improves job performance and reduces absenteeism! More and more health professionals, including doctors and physical therapists, are encouraging their patients to exercise. With this increased emphasis on exercise and healthy lifestyles, the field of personal training has been growing dramatically over the last few years. More people are looking for a personal trainer to help them get in shape and they want someone with knowledge of how to best meet their goals and prevent injury. Personal trainers are currently appreciating their position as a respected and needed professional. Also, participation in recreational sports is on the rise as people try to increase their physical activity. Sports conditioning is important to a greater number of people and this is increasing the demand for a specialist to increase sports performance. You too can join this exciting and growing field!.

Why Should I Become ACSM Certified?

The PVCC Strength and Conditioning Personal Trainer Certificate Program is based on the standards of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Therefore, you will be prepared to take the ACSM's Certified Personal Trainer exam upon your completion of the PVCC Certificate program. PVCC has chosen to use the ACSM Standards for the following reasons:

  • ACSM has long been the "Gold Standard" for credentials in the fitness industry. Having an ACSM certification shows potential employers that you have a very strong background in fitness. Most, if not all, employers will accept the ACSM certification.

  • Established in 1954, ACSM was one of the first certifying organizations created in the fitness field.

  • ACSM has earned its impeccable reputation based on the extensive research they do in the field of exercise science. Many discoveries in the field can be accredited to the ACSM.

  • ACSM prepares potential personal trainers to work with a wide range of clients. You will be qualified to work with healthy clients and people with disabilities or chronic diseases.

Why Should I Become NASM Certified?

Several classes in the PVCC Strength and Conditioning Personal Trainer Certificate Program are based on the standards and guidelines of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Therefore, you will be prepared to take the NASM's Certified Personal Trainer exam upon your completion of the PVCC Certificate program. PVCC has chosen to use the NASM Standards for the following reasons:

  • NASM is a leading worldwide education provider to the fitness industry and has developed the Optimum Performance Training method, which provides a practical approach and evidenced-based science of exercise.

  • NASM offers a progressive career track with access to Advanced Specializations, Continuing Education courses and accredited Bachelor and Master Degree programs.

What Type of Job Opportunities are Available?

If you have a passion for health and fitness, becoming a personal trainer may be the ideal occupation for you! A personal trainer’s primary job is to:

  • assess clients current fitness levels

  • assess clients needs and establish realistic goals

  • teach clients how to exercise safely

  • create realistic exercise regiments for clients

  • educate clients about proper nutrition and wellness.

A trainer is not only an educator, but is also a motivator, coach, role model, and possibly a friend.

As a trainer you will meet with your clients on a regular basis. You will guide them through their workouts (weights, aerobics, meditation / relaxation, and flexibility training) to help them reach their goals. You will monitor and record their progress through methods such as body fat testing, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, flexibility testing, and body measurements. You will provide your clients with advice about their lifestyle, health, nutrition requirements, and other topics regarding their health, fitness, and well-being.

Personal trainers have a wide range of employment options. Many personal trainers work in health clubs, resorts, cruise ships, spas, and colleges or universities. As a personal trainer, you may choose to be self-employed - thus providing a flexible schedule that will meet your and your family's needs.

Personal training positions are available in every city and state. Many personal trainers begin their career working in a health club. Currently, personal trainers in the Phoenix area earn between $15 - $75 per hour (depending upon knowledge and experience). In order to reach your maximum earning potential, it is vital to posses a strong knowledge base.

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