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Wellness Breakout Sessions

Fall 2013

 Save Your Back! Make it Functional!     Fri   Sept 20   3:30-4:30pm   F130

Fred Vergnetti,  B.S. NASM CPT, ACE CPT.  Did you know that back injuries are the number one reason for disability claims in the US?  Learn how to train your muscles by performing a variety of movement patterns while engaging your back! Functional Training will help you increase your body’s mobility and back stability.   Come prepared to learn interesting and practical information.  Please dress for physical activity.

Zumba!   Fri   Oct. 11th   12-1 pm   F133

Jazmine Ryan, Licensed Zumba Instructor, Zumba Instructor Network member.  Zumba is a high energy aerobic work-out that is based on Latin dance rhythms and steps, with a sprinkling of world beats and styles.  May include American hip-hop or rock!  Zumba is “exercise in disguise.” “You just groove to the music” toning all the muscles in your body and burning major calories in the process!  Zumba is the perfect exercise for people who hate to exercise, but love great beats!  The format is simple:  just follow the instructor.  You can take it at your own pace, working as intensely or as gently as your need.  Please dress for physical activity.

Yoga!  Wed   Oct. 23rd   10:30-11:30am    F133

Karen Fehr,M.S. NASM CPT, Certified Yoga Instructor.  Come and discover how yoga can enhance your personal wellness by improving your fitness level, managing stress levels and bringing joy to your life.  Please dress for physical activity.

Alcohol…Know your limit!   Mon.   Nov. 4             1-2 pm  F130

Sherri Veach, M.S., NASM CPT, AEA.   Alcohol is a part of our social culture so let’s learn to be responsible.  How is your body affected by alcohol?  How much can your body tolerate?  What is a hang over?  What is the alcohol content in beer, wine and spirits?  Come and learn about all of these fascinating facts and much more!

Nutrition Thurs. Nov. 21   2-3 pm   F130

Sherri Veach, M.S., NASM CPT, AEA.  "Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated!".  Come and hear what the 6 basic nutrients are, what they do and where they are found. We will put together a meal plan that you can apply to yourself. Let's make healthy eating a lifestyle not, a diet.

Physioballs, Bosus and Dyna Disks  Fri.  Dec. 6             4:00-5:00pm  F109 

Ray Saigh.  B.S., ACE CPT, ISSA CPT.  Do you want to implement more core exercises into your workouts?  Attend this breakout session to learn and practice exercises you never thought existed!  You will walk away with a variety of exercise tools to develop your core and enhance your entire exercise program!  Please dress for physical activity.

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