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Importance of Being Knowledgeable About Financial Aid

Get a grip

Get a GRIP on funding your college education by following these basic steps:

1.   Set a Goal to apply for financial aid ( and scholarships by or before their respective deadlines.  Review the “Key Dates” at

2.   Build a strong Relationship by you proactive communication with Financial Aid by:

Make it a habit to log into your “”  student center for updates tracking your “To Do” list, Financial Aid award, your bill, your grade(s), and your class schedule

Visit the financial aid web page at

Call (602.787.7100) or come into the Financial Aid office with questions or concerns

3.   Review the Information on the Financial Aid webpage like the Five Basic Steps:

Application (Apply for Financial Aid)

Verification (Need for additional documents)

Maintaining Eligibility (My Grades & My Financial Aid)

Awarding  (What and How Much Funds for Year)

Disbursing (When Funds Pay Tuition, Fees and Refund to Student)

4.   Participate in the online learning opportunities on the Financial Aid webpage under Student Success Financial Aid Tools:

Key Dates

Cash Course- Financial Literacy

Scholarship Nuts & Bolts

Repayment Calculators