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Why Have an Assigned Adviser?

Get a grip

As Interim Coordinator of Academic Advising and a Graduate of Mesa Community College, I firmly believe that ALL students should meet with an Academic Adviser at least once every semester. The educational literature supports this, but words on paper, however, can never give the data that real life experience can. In talking with students (and even when I was a student at Mesa Community College) I know personally the importance of having a campus official be a part of the student's success. 

I believe the Athletics department here at Paradise Valley Community College has set a standard for the model for student success. All student athletes are introduced to the Athletic Advisers and are told to meet with these advisers before choosing classes and before dropping and adding. There are a number of Academic All-Americans at this college participating in sports and also excelling in the classroom at the end of every year as shared by Greg Silcox, Athletics Director.   The success formula is that these students are connected with an adviser before registering and from that time come to know that with the guidance of the adviser and his/her active participation success is imminent.

It is recommended that if a student’s assigned adviser is not immediately available for an in-person response to a quick question, to please email the advisor.  If a student is more comfortable telephoning, please call leaving a message for your adviser.

The importance of advisers related to the development of the educational plan is crucial at the start of the student’s academic career. As students are taught to navigate and understand the degree check sheet for their major, the relationship between Adviser and student is enhanced leading to a learning and information sharing experience (Interdependent) rather than a “I don’t know unless my adviser tells me” (Codependent) experience.   

Repeat visits are very much encouraged even once the student completely understands how to choose classes, build their own schedule and register. The dialog and confirmation are often all students need once an academic path is chosen.