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PVCC Scholarship and Program Funds

PVCC Employee Annual giving Campaign

PVCC Restricted Funds held at the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation

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MCCF Major Gift Campaign Project Funds

PVCC Bachelor Degree Completion Partnership:

Scholarship Endowment (5509)
Endowed Faculty Position (5510)
Program Enhancement Endowment (5508)

To enhance and expand innovative bachelor degree delivery programs offered on-site at PVCC

Black Mountain Campus Science Education Endowment (5511)
Support for astronomy, physics and sustainability technology, equipment, labs and programs at Black Mountain

Student Engagement Scholarships Endowment (5512)
Scholarships to expand participation in co-curricular student development programming

Scholarship Funds

PVCC ACE Program Scholarship Fund (4057-1)
Students in the ACE program

Athletics Scholarship & Support Fund (4397)
Support for student-athletes and athletics programs

Jerry Baxter Memorial Scholarship Endowment (5147)
General scholarship

Suzy Crescenti Memorial Scholarship Endowment (5233)
Music students with financial need

PVCC EMT Scholarship & Support Fund (4186-1) NEW!
Support for EMT/Paramedic students and programs

PVCC Fine and Performing Arts Scholarship (4908)
Fine and Performing Arts majors

Al Flowers Family Scholarship Endowment (5371)
First-time college students

Vicki Ann French Memorial Scholarship Endowment (5029)
Re-entry or single-parent students with financial need

General Scholarship Fund (4295)
Unrestricted scholarship support

Dr. Mary Kathryn Kickels Scholarship Endowment (5463)
Female students in the Early College or ACE programs

Dr. Linda Knoblock Merit Scholarship Endowment (5151)
Merit scholarships

Dr. Gina Kranitz Memorial Scholarship Endowment (5255)
Outstanding students with financial need

PVCC MEN (Male Empowerment Network) Scholarship (4189-1) NEW!
Scholarships for male program participants

Thomas McLaughlin Scholarship Endowment (5007)
Students desiring to continue their studies

PVCC Merit Scholarship (4041-1)
Students in the top 25% of their high school class

Richard Nicodemus Memorial Scholarship Endowment (5017)
General scholarship

Karen O’Dea Scholarship (4664)
Computer Science major seeking AA Degree

Ron Bleed Art of Storytelling Scholarship (4757)
Scholarship for Education students who participate in the storytelling program

PVCC Rainbow Scholarship (4023-1)
Students that identify as LGBT or as an ally of the LGBT community

Nila Rather Scholarship Endowment (5146)
General scholarship

Joseph William Rymer Scholarship Endowment (5237)
Students pursuing a career in Firefighting

John Jay Shroyer Scholarship Endowment (5374)
Supports Computer Information Systems major

Laurel P. Smith Endowment for Education (5516)
Scholarship for an immigrant with exceptional academic performance who has legal residency in the United States

PVCC “We Care” Scholarship Endowment (5153)
Unrestricted scholarships

Program Support Funds

Ceramics Project Fund (4021-1)
Supports Ceramics equipment needs

PVCC Faculty Excellence Awards Endowment (5462)
For excellence in teaching, assessment, student engagement and leadership of positive social change

Buxton Library Support Fund (4076-1)
Support for Library programs, activities, services and resources

Desperado Program Fund (4211-1) New
Support for the Desperado LGBT Film Festival

PVCC Fund for Excellence (4871)
Unrestricted fund for college’s greatest needs and unexpected opportunities

Scale Model Solar System Project Fund (4847)
Maintenance of Scale Model Solar System display

PVCC Veterans Services Program Fund (4207-1) New!
Veteran student engagement, equipment, program support