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Google Email FAQs

What is my new email address?

What happens to email going to my pvmail account?

  • Your account will auto-forwarded to your after June 24.

How much email storage do I have?

  • 25 Gigabytes

Where do I find my email account settings?

  • After login, upper right side of page, click the "wheel" and choose "Settings".

What are a "conversation" and a "conversation view" in Settings?

  • A "conversation" is 1 email
  • A "conversation view" is multiple emails with the same topic grouped together (Threaded)

What are "Desktop Notifications" in Settings?

  • You can choose how you want to be notified of new emails.

What are "Labels"?

  • They are basically your "folders" in your email.

Can I check other email through PVCC gmail?

  • You can, but it is better to keep your personal email separate.

Where are my MEMO distribution lists?

  • Under "Group Contacts", left hand side menu

What about my address?

  • Only use that address when you are in the role of a student.

Why don’t I receive an email in my Inbox when I send a message to a Group or Distribution List?

  • When you send mail to any group or mailing list you subscribe to, Gmail automatically skips your Inbox and archives the message to save you time and prevent clutter. The message will appear in your Inbox if someone responds to it or if there is an error delivering the message. If you'd like to view your message, you can find it in Sent Mail, All Mail,or copy yourself on the message.

How long do deleted messages stay in the trash?

  • You can retrieve deleted messages from the Trash for 30 days. Messages in the Trash older than 30 days are deleted automatically.

How do I search for an email?

  • Entering a word (or multiple words) that appears anywhere within the message you want to locate. If you're looking for a message that contains the word meeting, simply type meeting in the search field and click the search button.

Can I stop messages from being grouped into conversations?

  • Yes. Click Settings in the upper-right corner of your Gmail window and, on the General tab, scroll down to Conversation View. If Conversation View is off, new messages won't be grouped into conversations. If Conversation View is on, you can't separate the messages in a conversation. However, if you want to send a reply but don't want it to be added to the conversation, you can simply change the subject line in your reply.

Is there a size or type limitation for file attachments in Gmail?

  • Yes. To help prevent viruses, Gmail won't accept file attachments that Files ending in .exe .zip .tar .tgz .z .gz.
  • There's also a 20 MB size limitation for attachments.  Please note that you may not be able to send larger attachments to contacts that use other email services with smaller attachment limits.

How can I spell-check a message I write?

  • Click Check Spelling at the top of the message you're composing. Misspelled words are highlighted in yellow. Click a misspelled word to see suggested corrections. Spell-check will also auto-check and underline misspelled words in red while you type.

When should I delete a message vs. archiving it?

  • Deleting or archiving a message removes it from your inbox. If you delete a message, it's placed in the Trash and then permanently removed from your Google account after 30 days. If you archive a message, it's moved to All Mail (your archive), where you can easily find it in the future.

How long do messages stay in my archive?

  • Messages remain in your archive forever, unless you choose to delete them.

How long do messages remain in my Spam folder?

  • Messages remain in the Spam folder for 30 days. After that, Gmail permanently deletes them.

How do I access my list of contacts in Google Apps?

  • At the top-left of your Gmail window, click the Mail logo and choose Contacts from the drop-menu. Click the “Directory Label” to see the Maricopa Directory.

Can I automatically add new contacts based on people I've corresponded with?

  • Yes. Whenever you send an email message to someone, your Contact Manager adds that person's email address to your Other Contacts list. 

For more assistance, call the Technology Helpdesk at 602-787-7780 or ask a Google Guide near you.