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Honors Opportunities

Honors Retreat: August 23rd and 24th 2013

Incoming freshmen are invited to attend a two-day overnight trip to Heber.  We stay at a camp and get to know each other better through fun activities.  To sign up we have an application in the honors office and the cost to attend is $35.  Pay the fee at the fiscal office and bring the receipt and application to the honors office.  We are looking forward to seeing you there, it will be a blast.

Honors Classes: Check out the list of classes provided in the menu to the right

We offer a number of classes only available to our honors students.  We recruit our best professors to teach a wide variety of courses of interest to our students.  We also off explore courses where students go on trips to areas of interest.  In the past we have gone to Chaco Canyon, San Diego, San Pedro River, and Fall 2013 we will be heading to the Grand Canyon.

Honors Explore Classes: Fall 2014 - Grand Canyon Explore class GPH 298AA class #11979

These classes provide opportunities for students to explore subjects without the stress of a 3 credit class.  We plan on offering more class offerings in the future, students really enjoy these opportunities.

  • Other opportunities include:
  • Special Advising  - contact advising to make an appointment 
  • Scholarship Opportunities - see the link provided in the menu to the right
  • Unique Classes - see the link provided in the menu to the right
  • Student Honors Advisory Council (SHAC) - contact the honors office to found out more, this is a great opportunity to get involved on campus
  • Honors Forum Lectures - when you participate in HUM 190, you will get to attend seminars from nationally recognized speakers on topics that change ever year
  • Phoenix Symphony Tickets - we provide a select number of tickets available to honors students to attend the symphony, a great opportunity
  • Honors Designation on Diploma and Transcripts - a way to stand out in future applications
  • Honors Mixers - a great opportunity to interact with faculty in a friendly environment
Contact Us

Campus Office
K Building Rooms 101 and 102

Office Hours:
Mon-Thur.  8:30am to 4:30pm

Fri. 8:30am to 4:00pm

Summer Hours:

Mon-Thur. 8:00am to 5:30pm


Honors Director
Dr. John Douglass


Honors Co-Director
Dr. Doug Berry

Honors Program Coordinator
Rikki Shannon

Honors Program Assistant
Michelle Dew