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Data and Services Request Website
A web application has been launched in order to better handle all your data and service requests to the office of Institutional Effectiveness.
Click the Data and Service Requests link on the right for your data and service request needs.

Mission of PVCC’s Institutional Effectiveness Office
Institutional Effectiveness at Paradise Valley Community College contributes to institutional learning and continuous improvement through support of strategic planning, assessment, program review, and institutional research efforts.

Primary Functions of PVCC’s Institutional Effectiveness Office
Provide data to inform decision making
Coordinate the strategic planning process
Develop and implement performance indicators related to the institution’s mission and priorities
Collect, analyze, and disseminate information regarding status, trends, and accomplishments
Support assessment of student learning
Coordinate regional accreditation initiatives

Guiding Values of PVCC’s Institutional Effectiveness Office
Advance PVCC’s mission, vision, and values
Inform institutional learning by evaluating data and developing knowledge about trends, changes, and findings of note
Provide information in various forms to support different styles of learning and understanding (e.g., numeric form, graphs, narrative)
Use appropriate research methods and reporting processes, which include awareness of accuracy and integrity
Conduct work in a professional manner of respect and customer service
Adhere to the Association for Institutional Researcher (AIR) Code of Ethics

Contact Us

John Snelling

Director of Research and Institutional Effectiveness
602.787.6840            Office: A-117

Heather Nothum

Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness
602.787.6841            Office: A-103

Ellen Hedlund

Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness

Jaime Adriance

Research Associate
602.787.6842            Office: G132

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