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Planning at PVCC is tied to the MCCCD mission, values, strategic directions and Governing Board outcomes. The PVCC Strategic Plan is linked to long-term master plans, department/unit, and operational action planning. The college strategic plan informs the budgeting and resource allocation processes. The strategic plan is reviewed annually and is refined and improved based on a review of internal and external factors that may impact the overall efficacy of the college to meet student, community, and stakeholder expectation.
PVCC’s planning processes begin and end with the college’s missions and goals. All planning processes for PVCC are managed by Institutional Effectiveness Office (IE) and are primarily implemented via input from the Strategic Planning Steering Team and the Budget Development Steering Team, whose members consist of PLT, MAT, RFP, PSA, and M&O representatives. The Strategic Planning Steering Team (SPST) is a skill-based team charged with developing and recommending the College's strategic plan, which in turn is used to guide resource allocation and budgeting.
PVCC utilizes Strategic Planning Online (SPOL) for making operational plans, submitting budget requests, and reporting annual accomplishments and outcomes.

PVCC Strategic Planning
PVCC Strategic Plan 2013 - 2016
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PVCC Planning Objective Performance Measures

PVCC Annual Accomplishments Reports

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08-09 Outcomes Summary Report

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