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College Surveys
The Institutional Effectiveness office assists faculty and staff with the creation, administration and analysis of surveys. If you would like assistance with a survey, please submit a service request through the Data and Service Request Form.

National Surveys
PVCC routinely participates in national surveys to assess student satisfaction and engagement in order to better serve them. Those surveys include:
Administration Schedule
  Noel-Levitz CCSSE SENSE

Spring 2005

Fall 2005      
Spring 2006      
Fall 2006      
Spring 2007   P  
Fall 2007      
Spring 2008      
Fall 2008      
Spring 2009      
Fall 2009      
Spring 2010 P    
Fall 2010      
Spring 2011   P  
Fall 2011     MR
Spring 2012      
Fall 2012      
Spring 2013 MR    
Fall 2013      
Spring 2014   MR  
Fall 2014     F
Spring 2015      
Fall 2015      
Spring 2016 F    
Fall 2016      
Spring 2017   F  
Fall 2017     F
Spring 2018      
P - Past administration
MR - Most recent administration
F - Future administration

Contact Us

John Snelling

Director of Research and Institutional Effectiveness
602.787.6840            Office: A-117

Heather Nothum

Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness
602.787.6841            Office: A-103

Ellen Hedlund

Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness

Jaime Adriance

Research Associate
602.787.6842            Office: G132

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