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LCC Foundation

The Foundation

In 1987, the college was founded on a strong student and employee development philosophy utilizing a rich technological environment.  PVCC was an early leader in this new way of thinking about the teaching and learning relationship.  Several of the key concepts included:

Student Development:

  • Student development is a dynamic active learning process that challenges students to become more self-directed.
  • The learning process is concerned with all the aspects of the student’s development, often referred to as educating the “whole student.
  • Students enter the learning process at varying points, they learn at different rates and through a variety of methods.
  • Learning can and should occur anywhere on the college campus.
  • All college employees contribute to student development.
  • Planning efforts should be on assessing needs, developing strategies to achieve results, and student learning outcomes.

Employee Development:

  • Quality of student’s education depends significantly on the quality of all employees.
  • All members of the institution must feel valued and be given an opportunity to grow.
  • The employee development program is designed to foster personal and professional development among all college employees.