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Learning-Centered Update October 8, 2011


Greetings all,

During Fall Convocation we “rolled out” our mantra for this year – “Power On Learning.” We know that one of the most overt indicators of a Learning-Centered College is the frequency to which we have conversations about student learning and student success. Additionally as a Learning-Centered College, we value continued learning about learning. To this end I will put out every couple of weeks, a Learning edition of What’s On My Mind. Most will be concise and to the point – simply sharing observations about learning around campus and on occasion throwing in an interesting video or article.

Two learning observations this week – I had the pleasure to visit Jon Storslee’s Flash animation class last week – where learning is alive. As I sat in class, I watched the students interact with Jon. It was easy to tell that there were relationships established and Jon was equally skillful in teaching, coaching and on occasion learning from one of his students. Well done. Observation number two – I was talking with Mike Ho about the wonderful success of Homecoming and I commented on how fun and successful the week was – Mike’s response to me was powerful in that he said it really was about creating connections with more students and encouraging more students to really identify with PVCC. We know that if students don’t feel a connection with PVCC they are less likely to persist. Great work on Homecoming!

Learning article resource – one of my favorites on what we know to be true about student learning (sort of a top 10 of best learning practices) and the importance of collaboration between student and academic affairs programming – check it out:  Principles of Good Practice for Student Affairs

Learning video – a great video on the importance of student time on task and persistence of effort from one of my favorite authors Malcolm Gladwell -

Malcolm Gladwell


Finally, PVCC will be formally launching a Learning-Centered web site soon – it is almost done and will serve as a portal to the elements of a Learning-Centered College, check out the current progress

Paul A. Dale, Ed.D