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Learning-Centered Update October 28, 2011


Greetings all,

The focus of today’s Power on Learning is innovation and engagement.

This week I had the pleasure of visiting the learning communities CIS 105 class of Patri Mays where students have been issued iPad's as a part of the course delivery method. Students use their iPad's for a variety of tasks – e-books, note taking, “Skypeing” their study partners, and the application of apps to the learning process and assignments. As expected almost all students were fantastically connected and fully using their iPad as a tool to learn. Surprisingly though, there were several students demonstrably resistant to the use of this technology – and vocally so in the class. Patri did an excellent job to use this moment as a way to talk about adopting new approaches to learning especially in today’s digital world. She effectively leveraged the students' resistance into a positive learning moment. Job well done Patri!

Learning article link – “The Courage to Learn” by Mark Milliron

“And it all begins with a choice – an incredibly courageous choice. You choose to try,
to walk through the open doors of our college and begin.”

 Learning video – Learn about the origins of the Kahn Academy

 Have a great weekend

Paul A. Dale, Ed.D