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Nurse Assistant

Plan now to attend the information session.
It is mandatory that interested students attend a Nurse Assisting (NA) Information Session.

Nursing Assistant Information Sessions for Fall 2015 Classes:

  • First Mondays of the month beginning June 6, 2016 through July 25, 2016.
    Note: There will not be one on 6/27

Location: G126 - Monday's at 1:00 - 2:00 pm.

Register for the Nurse Assistant Information Session

The Nurse Assisting (NA) program prepares students for entry level employment in various health care settings as a nursing assistant. The program (NUR158) combines classroom instruction with clinical laboratory (at PVCC), skilled care (nursing home) and, when possible, acute care (hospital) experiences. Students who complete the program are eligible to take a written and practical certification examination and work as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Licensing requirements are the exclusive responsibility of the Arizona State Board of Nursing.

Upon satisfactory completion of the Nursing Assistant Course (NUR 158), the student is eligible to receive a certificate of completion from Paradise Valley Community College.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Admission Requirement Changes

General Overview

MCCCD health care programs has made changes to their student background check standards.   These changes are necessary for students admitted September 1, 2011 or after because some of MCCCD's largest clinical experience hospital partners have established more stringent background check standards for students that are equivalent to the background check standards the hospitals use when they are hiring their own new employees.  In order for MCCCD students to be able to continue to complete their required clinical experiences at local hospitals and to be eligible for employment after graduation, MCCCD students must meet these new standards.

MCCCD understands that some students who have been waiting to enroll in a program may not be able to attend based on the more stringent requirements that are now in place; however, students who cannot be placed in a clinical setting – and thus are unable to complete their program of study – will have wasted time, effort and educational investment.  In the interest of ensuring that students avoid this predicament as well as ensuring that MCCCD programs comply with the strict standards of all clinical agency partners, MCCCD must take direction from the clinical partners.

Please read all material related to the changes in admission requirements and continued enrollment in the both NURSING and Nurse Assistant Programs.

FAQ's On Admission Requirement Changes
Existing Student Enrollment Acknowledgement
New Student Enrollment Acknowledgement



Download NA Application (12 page pdf file) and fill in the blanks.


Submit a complete ​CNA​ Application Packet to the ​Nursing office, Bldg. G, #115. Students cannot register for NUR158 until their ​C​NA Application has been ​reviewed and ​approved by the PVCC Nursing Department.


A complete NA Application Packet shall consist of

• Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card from the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS). Submit a copy of the front and back of the unrestricted Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card.
• CPR card for the Healthcare Provider (Level "C", 2-person CPR). Submit a copy of the front and back of the card. CPR cards obtained online are not accepted.
• Background Check Clearance: In addition to the fingerprint clearance card, obtain a background check clearance through (see application for detailed instructions).
• Entrance Exam/Transcripts: obtain a placement test reading score above 74 on Accuplacer or above 75 on HESI-A2. Alternatively, submit a copy of unofficial transcripts showing completion of a college reading/writing course (i.e. ENG101, CRE091, CRE101).
• Proof of 6 immunizations: MMR, Varicella, Td, HepB, 2-Step TB Skin Test (2 TB Skin tests in a 3 week period) or chest x-ray, Influenza vaccination (see application for detailed description of each immunization).
• Health Care Provider Signature Form completed by the student's Health Care Provider.


Only students with a COMPLETE and APPROVED application, on file in the Nursing Department Office, will be allowed to register for NUR158, space available.


Available at the PVCC Information Desk in the Kranitz Student Center:

• NA Applications
• Fingerprint Clearance Card Packets


The Nurse Assisting Program at Paradise Valley Community College has been
accredited by the Arizona State Board of Nursing since 2002

Contact Us

Nursing Program Director
Nelly Peterson, MNE, RN

Nurse Assistant Program Coordinator
Janice Podwika, MSN, RN

Nursing Administrative Office
Location: G-115
Phone: (602)787-7284
Fax: 602)787-7007

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