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Program Tiers

Program Tiers Peak Peer Mentors

The Peak Leadership Institute consists of the following three tiers. Students choose programs from within the tiers to earn points toward completion of a certificate.


Tier One Programs teach students about leadership through the exploration of various leadership models, engagement in self-awareness activities, and basic skill building.

---Leadership for Citizenship (MGT 105 ~ 1 CR)
---ACE Program
---Emerging Leaders I (LDR 101 ~ 2 CR)
---LeaderShape Institute
---Honors Forum (HUM 190 ~ 3 CR)
---Emerging Leaders Wilderness (LDR 103 ~ 2 CR)
---Equiss Social Justice Experience
---Hoop of Learning


Tier Two Programs teach students how to lead through collective action in group settings including a greater emphasis on group process, event planning, and presentation skills.
---Student Public Policy Forum
---New Student Orientation Leader
---Student Ambassadors
---Peer Mentor Training (CPD 250 ~ 3 CR or non-credit option)
---Emerging Leaders II (LDR 102 ~ 2 CR)
---Student Leadership Council (LDR 201 ~ 2CR for Executive Board & Senators)


Tier Three Programs place students in leadership positions allowing for direct application of skills and knowledge gained from the first two tiers. This tier also includes an emphasis on career development and advocacy.
---New Student Orientation Director
---Emerging Leaders III (Peer Facilitators) (LDR 201 or CPD option)
---Diversity Infusion Program (Student Internship)
---Diversity Service Learning (GBS 282 ~ 1-3 CR)
---Career Work Experience (CWE 198 ~ 1-3 CR)
---Career Related Internships
---INROADS Internships

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