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Campus Delivery Information

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Goods received through PV Receiving will generally be delivered to respective on-campus locations by 5:00PM the next business day (i.e. day following delivery to campus).

Deliveries will be made to the requester when possible or to department office coordinators for distribution to respective addressees.

Most deliveries are conducted between 3:00PM and 5:00PM.

If there is a specific package you are in need of, contact receiving in advance and make arrangements to pick the package up at the receiving office when it arrives.

Equipment Inspection, Assembly And Set-Up

It is the responsibility of the department that ordered the merchandise and/or services (requester/end user/designee) to inspect and verify their order in terms of quantity and quality.

PV Receiving is not responsible for assembly and/or set-up of equipment. Please contact the Facility Services Department help desk for general equipment, IRTS help desk for computer equipment, or the Media Department help desk for media equipment at this URL address:

Shipping Information

PV is contracted with UPS exclusively for all of our shipping needs.

We do not ship via FedEx or any other carrier, except where the vendor or recipient is paying the shipping cost and specifies another carrier.

The department or individual who is shipping the item is responsible for creating a mailing label and packaging the item.

Please notify PV Receiving via email when your item is ready to ship.

Personal Packages

PV Receiving cannot ship or receive personal packages. Personal packages delivered to the campus will be refused, please plan accordingly.

Contact Us

Please do not leave voice mail messages regarding routine requests for supplies and/or assistance. These kinds of requests should be directed by email to PVCC Receiving.


PHONE 602-787-7370

FAX 602-787-7025


PV Receiving is organizationally a part of the Fiscal Office. Please contact the Fiscal Office for back-up assistance @ 602-787-7350.

Hours Of Operation

Central receiving hours are 9:00AM - 12:00PM and 1:00PM - 3:00PM.

Please relate our receiving hours to vendors when placing orders.

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