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High School College and Career Counselor's Guide to PVCC

We work closely with high school career and college counselors. We can provide you with information and literature about Paradise Valley Community College. We have a High School Counselors Reference Guide available, filled with information you need for your students about PVCC. Our latest publication is now available. Please call for a free copy!

We offer the following services for your students. Please call our office for additional information:


Campus Tours:

Please call 602-787-7176 to arrange a group tour for your students. With enough notice we can accommodate almost any size group. Tours can take one to two hours. You may want to consider a meal at the Puma Den. Lunch can be purchased for $4.00-$6.00 a piece, on average.

We can also add a power point presentation for your group with details on our programs, financial aid, and the enrollment process. These combined activities can take most of the day, and we can work around your timeline.

Power Point Presentations:

We can come to your school (or at PVCC) to show our comprehensive power point presentation. We can curtail it to your timeline, and emphasize any aspects that you request. Most presentations last up to an hour. The presentations are interactive, and not only provide information on Paradise Valley Community College, but also focus on the value of seeking higher education. Please inquire about our new financial aid presentations as well.

Enrollment Sessions at your high school:

We can assist high school students who want to attend Paradise Valley Community College. If you have computer access in your college or career center we can assist your students with the enrollment and admission process by establishing their MEID and student ID, and/or Student Information Form (SIF). We can also assist them at our campus when they contact our office directly. This is the first step before taking the assessment test.

Group Assessment Testing:

In the spring semester we invite counselors to bring their groups of high school students to take the Accuplacer assessment test ( in English, Reading, and Math. In general, these test scores will be needed to determine placement in the appropriate class when pursuing a degree. Students will test as a group in the computer commons, and be allotted about 3 hours. The test is free and can be re-taken if needed. Please call our office to inquire a date and time that can work for your group from 8am-5:30pm.

Learning Connections Meetings:

Please call 602-787-7176 to inquire about joining us on Fridays (11:30am - 1:00pm) during the academic school year for our monthly meetings. This is an opportunity to get up-to-the-minute updates, and network with other area feeder high school representatives. 

Counselors' Breakfast:

High School College and Career Counselor's from our high school feeder area are invited to attend our annual Counselor's Breakfast. We provide updated information about PVCC to you while enjoying a full course breakfast. This event is usually held in February. Please call our office for more information on the current date and time. 602-787-7176. 


Contact Us

Our office is located in the KSC Building in room 1230, just west of the Public Safety Office.

Please check the PVCC academic calander for holiday hours or closures.

Monday-Thursday: 8:00-5:30pm

Friday: 8:00 to 3:00 pm

We may be out of the office visiting our community members. Please feel free to call or email with your inquiry, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Please call: 602-787-7444

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