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Jennifer Weitz

Jennifer Weitz
Office: G-108
Phone: (602) 787-6816
Fax: (602) 787-6675
Web Page:

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Physics from Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, VA
Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Physics from the University of California, Davis

Courses Taught

AST 101, 102, 111, 112, 113, 114.

Biographical Information

Born and raised in Berkeley, CA, Prof Weitz attended Sweet Briar College in Virginia upon being awarded a scholarship. Originally, her interests tended toward the arts or law, but she discovered her calling in the sciences after taking a basic physics course. Her research focused on radio variability while looking at the galaxy center (referred to as “transient events”) which provided her thesis defense.

Prof. Weitz went on to attend the UC Davis, Dept. of Physics for her graduate education. Here her work focused on using x-ray emission as a tool to detect hot gas in groups of galaxies with the goal of helping to better predict how groups of galaxies will bend light. It was during this time she discovered her passion for teaching. She was quite influenced by certain educational styles as a teaching assistant for a learner centered style physics course and as an astronomy lab lecturer.

After completing her graduate work, Prof. Weitz taught physics at California State Univ. Maritime from 2006-2009. As full time staff, she hosted astronomy events, researched collaborative learning techniques and served as chapter advisor for the Society of Women in Engineering. Taking an opportunity to focus on astronomy, she relocated to Phoenix, AZ to join PVCC’s Science Division. Since then, Prof. Weitz has been featured on several local news channels to talk about “fireballs,” a type of meteor.

Prof. Weitz enjoys exploring her world through travel and SCUBA in addition to learning about other worlds.