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Life Sciences Building

Map of the new life sciences buildingThe new Life Sciences Building is designed to provide state-of-the-art science and learning spaces and an enhanced campus learning environment for Paradise Valley Community College.  The College's desire to create opportunities for inter-department and campus collaboration was the impetus for the design concept.

The primary concept is to provide a dynamic, shaded campus "portico" with active collaboration areas that open to and relate to the campus community, bringing the entire campus in to the discussion of science. The portico provides shade for a sloped walking bridge from the existing campus on the north side of the building, which is approximately five feet lower. A special feature is eight collaboration pods overlooking the future campus green, accessed from the walking bridge on the first floor and from the second floor corridor.

Artist rendering of the new Life Sciences buildingSustainable Design practices are used throughout to limit the non-renewable energy usage and material consumption. The building was placed at the low existing elevation, eliminating the need for adding five feet of soil to the entire site.
 "This new building will allow us to double the number of courses and sections we offer in life sciences," says Hank Mancini, Science division chair. "There will be a micro/biotech lab and, for the first time, we will have a lab with cadaver available for students who take anatomy and physiology to use in the learning and comprehension of their fields."

Building Highlights

  • 35,000-square feetArtist Rendering of Life Science Building
  • 8 teaching laboratories for Life Science, Biology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Anatomy and Physiology
  • Large laboratory support area
  • 7 classrooms
  • Faculty offices and administration spaces
  • Sustainable Design practices to limit the non-renewable energy and material consumption
    • Rain-collector roof incorporating water feature design – subterranean retention tanks
    • Shaded from direct solar gain during the majority of daylight hours
    • Exposed concrete floors and masonry
    • High recycle content carpet and tack boards
    • Bamboo doors and millwork

Life Sciences Ed Specs Committee

Hank Mancini
John Jones
David Harbster
Jim Doyle
Jane Marks
Jeffrey Lace

Lynda Santiago
Bob Treloar
David Matus
Mary Lou Mosley
Scott Meek
Carol Myers

Brian Hermann
John Sazama
Jane Saldana-Talley
Mary Kay Kickels


Education Specifications


2/27/07 – Selection of Marlene Imirzian & Associates as Architect, approved by Governing Board
3/27/08 – Selection of Barton Malow as Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR), approved by Governing Board
4/29/08 - Groundbreaking
8/20/10 - Grand Opening of Life Sciences Building