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Vacation Time Off Request

Fill in the information below. NOTE: you must have enough Vacation time showing to cover your request for it to be approved. If you want to use accrued Grandfathered Vacation Time please specify how much. Time off or hours other than vacation should be explained in "Comments" section.

Click on "Submit" button at bottom of form when done. The form will be emailed to Mary Lou Goff . You will receive an email with the status of your request . 

Vacation Time

In order for you to take requested and approved vacation time, you must have accrued vacation time available or an additional special approval from the CC Director. Approved vacation time (except for OYO’s) on the Time-off Request form assumes you have vacation time to cover the time off. 

If you do not have enough vacation time to cover a request, you will need to get a special approval from the CC Director to be able to take the time off which would be docked as time without pay. Everyone is responsible for working hours hired for each week. The acceptable exceptions are approved vacation time, personal time, out sick, and approved leaves of absences.


Flexible time is straight paid time, which allows you to work a little over hours one day to complete a task or need. Less time can be worked another day, provided these guidelines for using flextime are followed:

  • Leaving early or coming in later than your scheduled time needs to be requested and approved by your Supervisor

Overtime / Comp Time

Overtime is time paid for hours above 40 hours per week required by your Supervisor and is paid at a rate of 1.5 of employee’s normal pay. All overtime hours must be approved in ADVANCE by the Director. It can also be approved as Compensatory Time, where the employee can take 1.5 of the hours worked and approved as time off.