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Student Leadership Council

Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) wants to hear from you!

SLC is a student government organization that serves PVCC students in many ways, from attending to local campus needs to serving our larger community. Every PVCC student can contribute to SLC and there are many ways to become actively involved. Students can serve as elected officers, senators, commissioners, or club representatives.

Being involved means opportunities for leadership training, conferences, scholarships, networking with administration and faculty, making a difference on campus and in our community. Be involved and be heard.

SLC is looking forward to a busy year. We are going to be assisting with a variety of events and activities all year, as well as service to the local community. If you are interested in learning more or assisting with any of these opportunities, please stop by the Student Life Center, in KSC 1303, for more information!

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SLC Co-Advisors

Mike Ho
Director, Student Life & Leadership

Ryan Novo
Outreach Specialist, Student Life & Leadership

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